Feel like traveling this year - let this olive oil take you there!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sit back, relax, dip, sip, enjoy...repeat. Feel like taking a vacation this year? Let this olive oil take you there! Greece is known for a lot of things beautiful; views, beaches, and of course olives. When you purchase Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil it will take you on a tantalizing tour of this beautiful place. 

Olive oil is well known for its taste, health benefits, and has been used daily in many households for several years. The quality of the olives and process in which the olive oil is made affects both the taste, and the healthy attributes of the olive oil. It is a good idea to do a little research on olive oil to ensure it is up to the standards you are searching for. At The Wharf Marketplace we carry the best local olive oil in the area, but recently decided to go out of the box due to the discovery of this wonderful gem, Kiklos Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Read below to discover why Kiklos Extra Virgin Olive Oil may in fact rise above its fellow competitors, and why The Wharf Marketplace chose this product.

Made With Pure Koroneiki Greek Olives

Koroneiki Greek Olives are known as “The Queen of Olives”, and it is the only varietal of olives that Kiklos uses for its olive oil. The Koroneiki has its own distinct flavors of pepperiness, bitterness, and fruitiness that create a tasty olive oil with different levels of flavor. Kiklos Koroneiki olives are grown in one region, the Peloponnese in Greece with limited production. The olives are picked at harvest time, and are cold-pressed instantaneously to produce the most superior olive oil.

Antioxidant Properties

The peppery finish of the Kiklos is a sign of a high quality extra virgin olive oil offering exceptional antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties are high in Kiklos due to the handpicking of the Koroneiki Olives. Olive Oil has been known for years to promote health and longevity, particularly Kiklos. If you have been searching for the fountain of youth, you just found it!

The Taste Will Amaze You

Kiklos Extra Virgin Olive Oil speaks for itself; you don’t need to pair it with anything, maybe just your favorite bread. Kiklos will complete your perfect salad, and can enhance the flavor of roasted chicken, steak, or sautéed vegetables.

Perfectly Designed Bottle

The Kiklos bottle is not only aesthetically pleasing, but has been designed to preserve the taste and nutrients of the olive oil. The bottle has a sustainable cork, designed with real wood and made to last. Not only is the olive oil to die for, so is the bottle!

The Wharf Marketplace has Kiklos and More!

The Wharf Marketplace has the best vegetables, local bread, and local products to accompany your new favorite EVOO. The Bozzano Balsamic Vinegar we carry would pair well with Kiklos and make for the perfect dipping sauce. Give Kiklos a try; it will be a fresh, healthy start to this New Year!

Let Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil be another reason The Wharf Marketplace is a great place to shop fresh and healthy for the new year.