The Bounty of the County


VIDEO: The City of Monterey’s The Wharf Marketplace and Waterfront Vision

The Wharf Marketplace is Monterey County’s fresh food destination, offering locally produced provisions at their seasonal best…The Bounty of the County. The Wharf Marketplace is located at the historic Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Station, and features only the best local produce, cheese, wine, flowers, seafood, bakery items, along with a grab-and-go café.


Pioneered by produce industry leader Tanimura & Antle, the mission of The Wharf Marketplace is to serve as a central meeting spot that showcases only the freshest, most flavorful product, while communicating information about the farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and artisan suppliers in the diversely rich region of Monterey County.




From its inception in 1880 and through World War One, the Southern Pacific Railroad was instrumental in Monterey Peninsula’s growth and economic success, opening the area’s natural setting to tourism on a large scale. Because of its easy access to major markets, it was equally important for local industry and agriculture, and played a major role in transporting local product to neighboring counties. The Wharf Marketplace is intended to serve as a modern-day version of the passenger station – acting as a community hub and center for local produce and product.