A local favorite at The Wharf Marketplace is the Schoch Family Farmstead milk, yogurt, and artisan cheeses we proudly carry. They are unique products that the locals of Monterey County have a strong appreciation for. The Schoch Family Farmstead has been operating for 70 years through 3 generations, and is owned and managed by John Schoch himself. John’s three sons work on the farm, and manage the cheese aging, irrigation, and other demands of the dairy. There are less than five dairies in California, where the owner is also the milker - John is up at 5:00 am every morning to start the milking!

The raw, unpasteurized, and non-homogenized milk we carry flies off the shelves at The Wharf Marketplace; locals recognize the name and can’t help themselves. The Wharf Marketplace recently started carrying the Swiss Style Schoch yogurt and it is truly amazing. The yogurt is drinkable, so it is perfect if you are on the go. Schoch Family Farmstead is environmentally friendly by reusing the glass bottles; every time you purchase milk or yogurt you will be given a bottle deposit. All of Schoch’s products are held to the same sanitation standards as post-pasteurized dairy products. Schoch Family farmstead is 1 of 3 dairy farms in California that has the license to sell raw milk.

At The Wharf Marketplace we carry five types of Schoch Family Farmstead artisan cheeses; East of Edam, Mt. Toro Tomme, Romano, Junipero, and Monterey Farmstead Jack. At the Wharf Marketplace we have an exquisite, handpicked selection of cheeses, and the Schoch Family Farmstead cheeses are the most popular, and sought after by the locals. My personal favorite is the Junipero, which is a sweet, nutty, swiss style cheese that pairs well with a glass of Pinot Noir. Stop by The Wharf Marketplace today to check out the Schoch Family Farmstead products, once you go raw you will never go back!