Eat more Stone Fruit this Summer and #SHOPTWM!

As if summer isn’t already amazing enough, the juicy stone fruits are in their peak season of July and August, and to die for. At The Wharf Marketplace our selection of stone fruits are handpicked by our produce manager, Mark, for nothing but quality. We have ample supply of apricots, yellow nectarines, and yellow peaches for $1.99/LB and $2.99/LB respectively. They are perfect for a healthy snack or dessert if you’re craving sweet and juicy; try putting them with my greek yogurt or cereal in the morning. At The Wharf Marketplace have a seasonal spinach salad special with nectarines, blackberries, pecans, and a little bit of goat cheese. During Taste It Thursday one of our favorite summer crostinis is brie cheese with grilled yellow peach and local honey topped with spiced pecans.

You have to eat as many peaches as you can during their peak season! They aren’t the same in their off season and they hold many benefits. They are rich in phytochemicals, vitamin A, and vitamin C. They keep the skin healthy by acting as a natural moisturizer and they are known to be a great stress reliever - we all know we could use that. If you’re worried about your summer bod, eat more peaches! They only have 35-50 calories per peach and no fat. They also help you to feel more full throughout your day.

 Stone Fruit Season is upon us.

Stone Fruit Season is upon us.

Most of us, Californians, have had an apricot before; they are sweet with a slight tartness. I grew up with an apricot tree in my backyard and I love this wonderful fruit. These beautiful orange colored fruits are packed full of beta-carotene, fiber, and antioxidants. While choosing your apricots, make sure to look for the color orange, and stay away from the pale, yellow apricots. The ripe, orange apricots have stayed on the tree longer and hold the most antioxidants.

With this summer heat upon us, who doesn’t love a juicy, ripe nectarine with its smooth skin yet firm texture? They are absolutely delightful and full of antioxidants during the months of July, August, and even the beginning of September. Nectarines have been associated with reducing the risk of cancer and aid in proper digestion, helping to reduce the risk of obesity. Nectarines are usually a bit more firm than some of the other stone fruits, making them perfect for a fruit or green salad!

Summer has so many amazing qualities: the weather, the beach, and stone fruit..what's your favorite? #SHOPTWM and tell us why you love these delicious gems of summer!!